Thankful Tree Tradition: Filling Leaves with Gratitude


Every November we have a tradition of putting a brown paper tree up on the wall and then spending the month filling it with leaves on which we have written things we’re thankful for. We’ve been doing it since Nora was 2 when I started doing #30daysofgratitude. It’s a family tradition that the girls all get excited for and that I hope they’ll one day share with their own children.

This is this year’s thankful tree so far, with two more days to go. There are leaves for big things – like Vivienne’s birth and our new minivan – leaves for friends and family who have all been incredibly wonderful and supportive this month and always; leaves for our employees who make our business run and are making it possible for me to have a real maternity leave; and lots of leaves for tiny things that bring us joy: baby dolls, cranberries, knit booties, breakfast tacos and Chris’ ability to make us laugh even in the most stressful situations. I love having the visual reminder of all the wonderful things in our lives. How do you teach your kids about gratitude? Does anyone have a similar tradition? Leave me a comment and let me know.


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