Birth Photographer Captures Beautiful Homebirth Moments

We got a sneak peek of photos from our birth photographer and I am in love. Having a photographer come was a bit of a splurge, but for our last little baby (for real this time ) it seemed like a worthy investment. Addie’s birth and the following months were rough on so many fronts, work and personal – some due to our control and some things beyond control. Chris and I have been working hard to make sure everything goes smoothly this time around and I wanted to remember every moment of this birth. It’s amazing how different they all have been – but all beautiful in their own way. Once I have all the pictures and a little time, I’ll write about Vivienne’s birth on my blog. For now, here’s a little look behind the scenes. . . . . . . #homebirth #homebirthbaby #bornathome #waterbirth #birthphotos #birthphotography #birthphotographer #naturalbirth #homebirthing #birth #birthstory

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