Challenges of Inconsistent Data and Wifi Access


Don’t you love how I was like, “We have have wifi, I can catch up on Instagram,” and then totally didn’t? When we were in Seattle we were at a campground that had wifi faster than we have at our office, and, I decided to upload all our recent photos and videos to Google Drive so they wouldn’t take up space on my computer. This was, apparently, a really bad idea because since then it takes like an hour to get anything back down from the cloud in order to edit or post it. And there’s no time for that… I think next time we need to travel with an external hard drive.
Not having consistent data or wifi access as been more challenging this summer that on past trips, and it’s caused more than one frustrating moment for communication and getting work done.
We drive to Tahoe on Wednesday…fingers crossed the interwebs will be easier to access there.


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