Magical Drive Through Gnome-Filled Forests


Another #thowback from Colorado camping adventures. Around Red Feather Lakes (a teeny tiny town almost in Wyoming) there is a multi-mile mountain road that meanders through pine trees and is literally covered on both sides with gnomes, tree faces, and fairy gardens. It’s an incredible and magical drive.

While we’ve planned the major stops on our route this summer, I’ve only just started thinking about the small things we’ll see along the way. Some of my favorite stops and discoveries last year were surprises along the way, but I’m also a planner and we have to balance vacation things with time for work, which does end up making planning more important.

Do you have any secrets for finding cool and unique experiences or sights when you’re in a new city (especially ones that are less known or more off the beaten path)? If you have any tips, I’d love to hear them!


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