The Struggle of Owning a Business with Little Ones


I wrote a post on my blog last year about how hard it is to own a business and have little ones who are not in school or daycare. Actually, it’s not just hard it’s down right impossible to run, let alone grow, a full-time business without reliable childcare. Having Addie has reminded me how true that is. .
For the first 7-8 months, it was easy to nurse her and hold her while I worked. By month 10, Chris and I started a schedule alternating who’s working at the office or staying home with her. Today is my Addie day and I’m trying to soak it all in: the simple joy of a game of peek-a-boo with a tea towel, her love of walks, and the sweetness of her tiny face sleeping next to the cat she adores. .
It’s hard when I have client emails and loads of work to do to step away in the middle of the week, but by baby number three I am acutely aware of how quickly it all goes. This is a picture I want to imprint on my memory forever.


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