Moving from storage to house before trip.


It’s move-in day…sort of. We’re relocating our stuff from our storage units to our house this morning, which is 95%-ish done. 6 week road trip starts Monday morning so we’re doing the bare minimum to get things moved in before we leave.

So many people have mentioned how happy they assume we must be to have the house and not have to live in our trailer anymore but, while I do think it is a great house that we’ll enjoy very much, I’m honestly not feeling the urge to live in bigger quarters just yet. There are downsides to #rvlife for sure – especially with 3 kids – but overall is not only completely doable, but also enjoyable, too. Right now, I’m not feeling antsy for a master bedroom or a real shower – mostly I’m feeling antsy to get started on this summer’s adventure, and have fun exploring the country with our girls.

I will say, though, that I enjoyed having a house to dump stuff into last night when we decluttered the trailer! It’s crazy how much stuff can accumulate even when you’re trying to be minimalistic.


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