Leftovers and Freezer Meals for Easy Dinners


30 days of thanks, day 2 (I’m starting out of order – day one is coming soon!) Today I’m thankful for #leftovers, and also my freezer! We had our #Diwali party last weekend and have eaten #indianfood every night since! It’s soooo good…but it’s also been awesomely helpful considering the craziness of this week. Now that we’ve gotten our fill, I’ve done my traditional making of #homemade #freezermeals, which means over next few months we’ll be able to pull these out and bake them for a super easy, delicious dinner. There’s enough for one adult and one kid in each cake pan, so we have 5 dinners ready to go. I’ll put a layer of tinfoil then add naan to each one before putting on more foil. Only sad part…there was only enough #malaikofta left for one tin! There’s definitely going to be a fight that night.
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