Grateful for Unitarian Universalist Church Community


#30daysofthanks day 9 – this evening I was thankful for our Unitarian Universalist Church community. Tonight, we went to a potluck and vespers service with singing and candles – a packed house full of people looking to share light after the darkness of the election season, and a positive message of love and kindness.
We’ve been going to the UU church since moving to Fort Collins. Going to church even semi regularly is something I never thought I would do as a non-Christian, but the UU community has turned out to be perfect to help guide our daughters as they grow. I love that it’s about the inherent worth of all people and that everyone is encouraged to think critically and make their own decisions about their beliefs. I love that even though we don’t always show up every Sunday morning, we’re still welcomed when we’re able to come. It’s a village without judgement or any expectations if perfection, and where the girls can see the values we teach at home equally shared by others.

Today, I am grateful to have this community to raise our children in. —-
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