Unexpected Kindness from Horse Owner


2 of 2: We were standing at the fence and the girls were feeding the #horses grass they had picked when the owner walked over. In all the months we have been going to visit these horses, I have never once seen an owner and I’ll admit I was a little apprehensive. She waved to me as she started walking across the field and I thought for sure she was going to ask me not to let the girls pet the horses or tell us they shouldn’t be feeding them grass. To my complete surprise, she said the exact opposite. She walked over and asked the girls if the wanted to feed the horses their dinner. Of course we said yes, so we went into their barn, saw the horses stalls up close, and the girls gave the horses hay, oats, and apple treats. It made the girls day (and mine) was such a wonderful example of #unexpectedkindness from #strangers. Every day I find more reasons to be thankful that we ended up in this place – today it was the friendliness of the people around us.


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